Women. You are amazing. You juggle the demands of work, family, friendships and home. My aim is to help you feel great about the incredible body of yours which carries you through your busy days. 


I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor and I believe exercise should fit into your hectic life and enhance your health in a positive way. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and intimidating.  It can be fun and life enhancing as well as help you tone up and lose weight. 

I help you find the joy in running, pleasure in exercising outdoors and enjoyment in seeing your body respond to tailored training. Run with me, walk with me or train with me and see how much movement can make you feel well and thrive in your busy lives. 

I offer personal training for women, run coaching, small group training and fitness classes aimed at the over 40s. I work mainly with women in their 40s, 50s and beyond in Bristol and North Somerset. My aim is to support you with knowledge and tailored training to support your body and the hormonal changes in the peri-menopause, into the menopause and beyond. Ageing is inevitable. Feeling old is not.

Give yourself the gift of personalised training, outdoor exercise and feeling fit and healthy and ready to enjoy the outdoors.  



Lesley’s care and enthusiasm makes each session such a positive experience.
— Tamsin, Bristol

Having Lesley as a personal trainer has been WONDERFUL! She has listened very carefully to me, and responded with care to my needs and likes/dislikes. I like being outdoors, so we’ve been training in the woods and gardens and parks. She has thought about the movements I’m likely to do in my work, and has given me exercises to help with my strength there.
— Di, Barrow Gurney
Her love of exercising outdoors is infectious! Highly recommended.
— Hilary, Long Ashton

If you're looking for a female personal trainer in North Somerset or Bristol who wants to help you achieve balance and fit healthy living into your life then I'd love to hear from you to find out more about how I can support your to achieve your fitness goals.