My name is Lesley Waldron and I live just outside of Bristol in an area called the ‘Wild Country’, hence the name of my business. I also think we all need to connect to our inner wild woman occasionally, whether it’s through time spent outside in nature or letting our hair down with friends. 

I’m a mum of 2. I love the outside, I even like running in the rain. I have (nearly) always loved exercise and trying new forms of testing my strength, coordination and fitness. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make this my profession and honoured to work with women to enhance their love of exercise too. I love good fresh food and cooking for my (occasionally ungrateful) family.

I love running. It gets me outdoors whatever the weather. I can get away into peace and quiet or run with friends and catch up on news. It is like a form of meditation when I have too much going on in my head, and a way to explore new places. I always pack my running shoes on holiday! BUT running isn't for everyone, and I promise not to force it on you.



Level 2 Gym Instructor (CYQ)

Level 3 Personal Training (Lifetime)

Adapting exercise for the pre and post natal client (Lifetime)

Adapting exercise for the under 5’s (Active IQ)

Advanced Fitness testing (Lifetime)

Leadership in Running Fitness (England Athletics)

3rd Age Woman (Burrell Education)

Functional Fitness Training (Lifetime)

Bootcamp and circuits (Lifetime)

In progress for 2018

Adapting Exercise for the older adult (Lifetime)

Health Coaching Skills for Women’s Health (Integrative Womens Health Institute)


I also have interests in mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, hormones, obesity, philosophy and public health policy which I explore through reading, practice, online learning and local and national events and conferences. 

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