Family Fitness Sessions 

These sessions are held in the school holidays and designed to give you AND your children a good work out. It will include strength and cardio vascular training benefits and a whole lot of fun too. These are outdoors come rain or shine (although if it does rain we tend to use a basketball court to minimise the mud factor). 

Family Fitness sessions usually take place at 10am in Peel Park, Long Ashton (or on the community basketball case should it be wet!).  

Feel good.jpeg

Have fun with the kids 

The aim is for you to set a great example to your children and for them to do the same for you too. I want to encourage you to be active as a unit and to HAVE FUN doing so. Exercise should be a positive and fun experience for all involved. 



all ages welcome

From experience this class works best for children aged 4-10 but those older and younger are most welcome. 

Grandparents are also welcome to bring the kids along and are encouraged to join in as much as possible! 

The smallest can stay in a buggy if needs be. You will be responsible for all of your children for the duration of the class, but feel free to bring 1, 2, 3 or more along. 


Get fitter 

The aim is to increase your fitness and strength over the summer and to give you and the children ideas on activities you can practice for 'homework' too. 

There will be a competitive element - children vs adults as well as a series of family-based challenges.