Do you want to age well, feel in control of your physical and emotional health and enjoy your forties and beyond. 



7 weeks to be a better version of you 

Learn about how hormonal changes might affect you now and in later life and develop strategies to support your journey towards the menopause. This is a great time to reassess priorities, our health and how we manage all the aspects of our lives that pull on our time. 

I'll take you through an exercise programme, talk to you about hormones, HRT, nutrition, supplements and diet so that you can get further guidance and support and work out what is best for you. 

Exercise and relaxation

Each class will include a warm up, 25-30 minute low impact but high(ish) intensity workout and a stretch and relaxation session. The idea is to get your metabolism fired up in the right way and to teach you some simple ways to relax too. 

All the questions you wanted to ask

Small classes will be a safe space to ask questions about everything from HRT, hotflushes, pelvic floor exercises, libido, nutrition, supplements and more. You'll be invited to join a private Facebook Group to continue the conversation as well as respond to the information sent out each week.