Mad March

Hello March

Hello high winds and hail.

Hello rain-battered daffodils.

And Easter chocolate in the shops

March is always a great time to have a bit of a healthy re-set. I hesitate to use the word detox as there's such a mixed interpretation of what that means. I tend to have a month off alcohol to give my liver a rest, cut out sugar and processed carbs if they've crept back into my diet during the winter months, increase my water intake and step up the exercise. It gets harder to find green veg at this time of year that hasn't been flown in from miles around, but I do try and stick to organic as much as possible and trust that my local veg box has sourced it's greens from sustainable sources that haven't lost too much goodness in transition.

It's  a great time of year to review those New Year Resolutions and goals and to see how far you've come and whether they're still relevant. I know I feel fitter than I did in January, but I know that I need to have a bit of a diet re-set to really feel the effects on my body. Fitness is about exercise and nutrition - the two go hand in hand.

So, what are your goals for this month? Make them big and shiny, exciting and achievable!