I am on a mission to support and inspire women in their 40s to feel wildly well. To feel empowered and supported enough to prioritise her self care, to find joy in movement and embrace ageing.  


My Mission

My mission is to help you get fit and healthy enough to enjoy your wild side when it calls you, whether that is running, walking, cycling, holiday adventures or a good night out. I will help you to embrace and enhance your busy lives as you enter your 40s, 50s and beyond.

I’ve really loved having Lesley, she set the pace right, hard but really fun, just how I wanted it to be and I always felt great after each session - I lost weight, looked better and most of all felt more confident. She has helped me make space for exercise in a hectic lifestyle - its a great way to clear the mind and also gain some much needed ‘me-time’.
— Jo, Long Ashton

How I work with you 

I offer personalised training whether one to one or in a group and help you define and achieve your health and fitness goals. 

I aim to find the movement and exercise that you enjoy to inspire you to continue to exercise outside of our one to one sessions 

I am inspired by nature and work mainly outside in parks, woodland, gardens. (I do have some wet weather options too!)

I work in Bristol and North Somerset. Most of my sessions and classes take place around Long Ashton, Flax Bourton, Barrow Gurney,  Clifton and South Bristol. 


Who is this wild country woman? 

My name is Lesley Waldron and I live just outside of Bristol in an area called the ‘Wild Country’, hence the name of my business. I also think we all need to connect to our inner wild woman occasionally, whether it’s through time spent outside in nature or letting our hair down with friends.

I'm a fully qualified personal trainer and have been working in the fitness industry for 5 years. I  LOVE learning and always aim to support my clients using the most up to date developments in the industry.

I’m a mum of 2. I love the outside, I even like running in the rain. I have (nearly) always loved exercise and trying new forms of testing my strength, coordination and fitness. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make this my profession and honoured to work with women to enhance their love of exercise too. I love good fresh food and cooking for my (occasionally ungrateful) family.

I love running. It gets me outdoors whatever the weather. I can get away into peace and quiet or run with friends and catch up on news. It is like a form of meditation when I have too much going on in my head, and a way to explore new places. I always pack my running shoes on holiday! BUT running isn't for everyone, and I promise not to force it on you.