Easter musings

A long weekend. Gathering with family and friends. A clock change. Sunshine and rain. A chance to be outdoors and active and an excuse to snuggle on the couch. Running, biking, scooting (for the kids), walking, climbing). Easter egg hunting and barbeque feasting.

We have crammed a lot into 3 days and there's one more left to go. It's been lovely. And exhausting. And I did the classic thing of not realising I was exhausted, and trying to do and be everything. We all do it at times like we are superwoman, supermum. Despite learning so much about the importance of putting my self care at the top of the agenda, and the value it can bring to family life....sometimes I forget, usually because I am too tired or have too much whirling around in my head. 

So, instead of trying to put on the super-cape I went upstairs to meditate and nap and read and return an hour later much happier, more rested and ready to join in the fun without ruining it! 

Bank holiday weekends can be about resting too. We don't have to turn every minute of everyday into an amazing experience for everyone.

Rest is my Easter gift to myself.