Stay cool in hot weather

It can be worth rethinking your exercise plans in a heatwave. It’s great to celebrate this glorious sunshine but you can take simple steps to avoid overdoing it, avoid heatstroke and yet not abandon your exercise plans altogether.

I’m aiming for maximum shade and a slightly less intense workout during daytime classes this week.

Some tips to keep you cool but stay moving include:

☀️ Find shady spaces with good airflow for your runs or walks this week (hilly woodland can be great, especially if there’s a stream, river or lake nearby).
☀️ Stay well hydrated - start the day with a couple of large glasses of water and swap your usual morning coffee for a herbal tea or cold water instead.
☀️ Exercise early morning when the air is cool and fresh.
☀️Slow down your workout. Run slowly - it can be a good time to focus on form and posture. Or stick to strength and core training. Less leaping about. And lying down on the ground looking at trees is always a lovely thing to do!
☀️ Wear sunscreen, a hat and shades and bring water where you can.
☀️You don’t need to have long tanned legs to wear shorts. Stay cool. Wear shorts and feel good.
☀️The kids paddling pool is a great place to cool down hot feet. And suddenly water pistols make a LOT of sense! Get your exercise in chasing the kids around the garden. 

Enjoy the sun. Soak up the summer feeling. And enjoy the outdoors all. I, for one, am VERY grateful for the blue skies.