Taking down the barriers to self care

Life takes over sometimes. Work gets crazy busy, the kids are sick, your partner is stressed out, the laundry piles up, the to-do list is NEVER ending.

So, how can you possibly find time, money or motivation to look after yourself?

All the motivational memes in the world aren’t going to help if you feel SO strongly that you cannot cope with one more thing to do. Even if it’s a nice thing. You still have to write it down on a list and do it.

When it comes to fitness, my motivation for the classes, courses and sessions I run - in groups or one to one has always been to help find the barriers and take them down. So that exercise feels easier, less intimidating, and can fit into your life.

This is why my classes are early morning or immediately after the school run. You can do them before you get stuck into anything else. And there’s the added benefit of fresh air and a great community.

This is why my running courses focus as much on building the habit, the positive feeling, as well as posture and strength to support a long term running habit.

And my one to one coaching and training….well that’s all about building foundations and finding internal motivations and reasons why to break down some of those barriers.

But enough about me, what about you?

How can you break down the barriers to looking after yourself?

And looking after yourself can mean many things

  • It could mean more sleep

  • It could mean less work

  • It could mean more movement

  • It could mean meals that nourish and sustain you.

But if reading that list just gets the ‘I’d love to but I haven’t got time’ flag flying, then how about this?

What do you always make time for? Is there one person who you will always pick up the phone to? Are there mornings when you feel like you can take on the world? Are there days when the schedule is less packed?

On those days when you can find time, seize it. But don’t try and do everything.

Pick one thing to focus on. A super simple thing. An action where the barriers are minimal.

  • Sit down and drink a cup of tea, glass of water and only do that. No phone, no tv, no conversation. Take some deep breaths between sips. (less stress)

  • Take a walk - or an exercise snack between meetings, appointments or running around after others - you don’t even need to change your clothes (move more)

  • Set a timer on the wifi to go off at 9:30pm. Take yourself to bed with a book and a glass of water and write the to-do list to get on with for the next morning. (more sleep)

  • Switch out tea and coffee after 1pm for drinks without caffeine. (better sleep)

  • When you eat your lunch, whether at your desk or at a cafe, or kitchen table, chew slowly, and take a breath between bites. Think about the flavours and textures and how much you’re enjoying the mean. (better digestion = better nourishment from food)

And when you’ve done that one thing, see if there’s a way to squeeze in one more. Because these small actions add up to good self care, and add up to a happier, healthier, less stressed you. And they can help take down the barriers to the next action, and the next.

If you’d like my support and help with these actions then do get in touch. A little support and accountability can go a long way.

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Photo by Marivi Pazos on Unsplash