The best exercise to do outside

So, once we've won you over to the idea of exercising outside, what could you do? A walk or a run is a great start, but there are other options too. 

1. Walk (alone, with friends, with a dog, with your children, with your lover). Find new paths to explore or go geocaching (a great way to keep the kids interested). Find some hills to climb to challenge your heart rate. Or some bumpy paths to navigate to encourage your ankle strength. Explore a National Trust property or grab hold of an Ordnance Survey Map and follow footpaths you've never been down before to add a sense of adventure. 

2. Run - whether in informal groups, clubs, on your own. Run Together has lots of locally organised groups, many of which are free. And there are running clubs that are super supportive to beginner runners as well as challenging those who want to get faster and compete in races. It's great to start with a Couch to 5K programme. We run Beginner Running Workshops designed to help you fall in love with running for the long term. 

3. Walk/run with some bench work outs (squats, press ups, tricep dips). A bench is a great tool to add some extra strength training into your outdoor exercises.

4. Sport - football, basketball, frisbee. Whether you join a group or just bring together some like minded friends, why not add some sport into your social life. A kick about doesn't need to just be for the kids in the park, it can be you too. 

5. Outdoor fitness classes - these might be a bootcamp, Nordic Walking, circuits or interval style training. We have some fantastically accessible classes in Bristol, Long Ashton and Ham Green. And in the school holidays you can bring the children too. 

We would love to hear your ideas for getting active outside.