Just get outside

It may feel dark and gloomy and hard to get moving on January mornings but it IS getting lighter and if you spend time outside you can start to see signs of Spring.

Taking the time to get outside and feel a bit closer to nature can really improve how you feel about these January days. Noticing the light in the morning and the evening and the fact that there is a little more daylight every day can really help give you hope of Spring on those bleak, grey days. The birdsong is getting earlier and louder and you can't help but smile to hear the party going on in the trees.  

And, as snowdrops start to come out in gardens, parks and woodland, there is plenty of beauty to be found in nature. Getting outside in daylight will help you with sleep patterns, with focus and with getting a spring in your step. Challenge yourself to find these signs of Spring as you walk to work or school. 

January is a great time to get outside. If you can do it this time of year, then the rest of the year will be easy. And yes, even in the rain. It can be invigorating and energise you for the rest of the day.

And obviously, if you happen to be in Bristol or North Somerset we can offer you some lovely options for getting a nature fix and some exercise at the same time.