Lunch on the run

I was chatting the Sky News reporter about healthy lifestyles in general after that piece on Vitamin D. She lives out of her car during the day and finds it really hard to get a healthy lunch into her day. I sent her a few suggestions and thought I'd share them with you too. You might find something handy for those summer picnics or hectic days. 

Easy peasy, on the go lunch ideas:

1. Plan. Yes it's boring, but planning out your weekly meals can save you money on your shop, eradicate food waste and best of all save you time. I plan my meals on a Sunday, get a shopping delivery on a Tuesday morning and use up all my weekend leftovers on a Monday….No traipsing around a supermarket with small children in tow or dashing around in between clients and classes!

2. The 'I haven't had time to prep anything/I haven't got anything in the house' lunch. You can find these in a corner shop, small supermarket and need minimal prep

Oat cakes, humous, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes

Avocado, red pepper, pitta bread

Cheese, wholewheat crackers, pickles and an apple

Apple slices, peanut butter (no sugar), oatcakes

3. Prepare in advance lunch ideas

Green lentils, chickpeas (nicer cooked from dried than from a tin), quinoa, couscous can be used as a base for a salad – make a big bowlful and mix with a selection of the following depending on your taste:

Spring onion, diced pepper, sweetcorn, grated carrot, grated courgette, fresh parsley/basil, olive oil, dash of vinegar, chilli, sundried tomato, grilled peppers etc etc

I make a batch that will serve 3 meals and then I can easily add different things to it to mix it up, such as feta cheese, ham, chicken, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, olives, avocado, boiled egg etc etc. Then I might add salad leaves, or left over veg from the previous night – this way it doesn't get too boring.

I've got one of these which I find is the perfect size and comes with a handy fork that fits into a loop...means I haven't lost it in 4 years! I've also got a freezable lunch bag that keeps it cool for a few hours. 

4. Snacks to have at hand:

Nuts – a small handful is enough to satisfy



Apples, bananas

Nakd bars

I sometimes make banana pancakes with oats, banana, ground almonds, coconut etc and these work well as a snack too.

5. Use leftovers

Roasted vegetables, spicy stirfries, fritatta, roast chicken, roasted potatoes, pasta bake can all be great to take for lunch – either added to a simple green salad or on their own.