When menstruation isn't a curse

As I mentioned in a previous blog. I’ve had a bit of a revolution in my thinking about my monthly period. 

And the biggest one.

I actually look forward to menstruation. To the bleed. 

I know, I know. That may sound pretty strange. 

But, I now see it as a chance to let go. And the chance for new beginnings. It’s also a huge relief after the pre-menstrual ups and downs.

(Although if I pay attention and remember that the ups and downs in my mood and energy levels are actually due to the decline of oestrogen and progesterone in the latter part of my cycle and not actually my fault then that makes them easier too.)

It’s like having a New Year reset every month. 

If I can, I’ll allow myself to rest, nourish myself, find a book (and dark chocolate) and turn down social engagements. Slow down my runs and workouts. Delegate wherever possible.

And if I do this well, it’s like my body really thanks me. The bleed is short. And my energy returns to normal levels quickly. 

I feel like I’m conducting an experiment on myself. As I want my daughter to have a positive experience too. And a positive relationship with her body, her hormones and her health. Which means that I must lead by example too. 

I’m looking forward to exploring this a little further in my Wildly Well Woman online course. 

Launching super soon!