Restore yourself

I'm continuing on a bit of a theme at the moment. Less about the fitness and more about the whole woman wellness and rest. 

When was the last time you did something that really and truly restored you? 

I've just had a weekend away with a good friend. Just the two of us. We've known each other 30 years and spending time together is always amazing. We live some distance away and have busy lives so it doesn't happen very often. But do you know what? It's absolutely essential. 

I come back restored and rested because I've had time to myself as I travelled and time with someone who really knows me and doesn't need anything from me. 

I come back more myself because I've had a laugh and a giggle and been able to do what I wanted for 24 hours, rather than live on my children's or a work schedule. I've even chosen what and when I wanted to eat (and didn't have to share). 

I come back feeling ready to really enjoy the hectic whirl of family and work life because I can see its joy and beauty again after a little time away. 

It's worth it. It doesn't need to be elaborate. A hotel or B&B. Somewhere to walk and talk and explore. Somewhere to eat and drink. A willingness to give yourself the time to do it. 

Go ahead. Look at your diary. Book something in that's really and truly for you. Even if it's in 6 months' time. Making that commitment is good for mind, body and soul. 

And of course, if that commitment extends to personal training, fitness classes or run know where to find me!