Tiny changes

Often when we go on a diet we tend to go all out and cut out everything we consider 'bad' for us. No sugar, no alcohol, no fat, no pasta, no 'whatever the latest demonised food stuff is'. And it is HARD work. But that's ok right? You're exercising your willpower and going to stick to it this time. And you do.

Until you don't. And then you beat yourself up inside for having failed.

Or you join a gym with the intention of going 4 times a week and getting strong and fit and toned and 'being good'. And so you do.

Until life gets busy or you get sick or you go away and you miss a few classes and feel like you can't go back. And again, you beat yourself up for not having stuck to the plan.

But how about trying it differently? Anyone who trains with me knows that I encourage you to make small changes that fit into your life. I try not to make moral (good/bad) associations with either food or exercise. I want you to develop long term positive habits that work for you.

Change a few things and it can make a big difference. It could be drinking more water (1.5-2 litres a day), having a protein rich breakfast that stops you craving an 11am snack, it could be walking/cycling to work once a week, drinking water instead of fizzy drinks or juice, having an apple instead of a biscuit when you're hungry before dinner, taking the stairs at work, doing 10 squats as soon as you get up in the morning or making sure you get your 10,000 steps in per day.

And for each tiny change, make sure you give yourself a mini celebration too – congratulate yourself on having that extra glass of water, turning down a biscuit or going for a lunchtime walk. Allow yourself to feel good about yourself in that moment. Give yourself a silent cheer, clap your hands or do a happy dance!

And as each tiny habit change becomes a natural part of life you can add something else in. Over time these tiny changes add up to a lifestyle that is more active and has you feeling better without beating yourself up.