I’m starting running and I have NO idea what to wear

I get it. You’re not quite ready for the short shorts and vest tops. 

You just want to be comfortable. 

Walking around a running shop is alienating and you’ve got SO little clue that asking the store assistant is just too hard. And it all seems SO expensive.

How about if it’s easy. 

Just be comfortable. 

If that’s leggings and a baggy t-shirt, that’s fine. Board shorts and a hoodie. That’s fine. 

If it’s 10 year old trainers and a creaking sports bra, that’s fine too. 

I’d say trainers and a sports bra are pretty essential, but when you’re getting started you are best off running slow. 

And if you don’t have trainers then don’t go spending a fortune (and you can spend a LOT if you try), just find a pair of reasonably priced running shoes with a nice flexible sole and not too much of a heel drop (heel higher than the toe). They want to fit your feet with a little room for expansion as you run. I’m a fan of more minimal shoes, but that’s a discussion for another day. 

And start walking in them to wear them in. 

If you come and join one of my running courses we’ll have a chat about trainers, about sports bras and when is the right time to invest in running kit. 

Often runners have a new pair of trainers as an incentive for when they’ve completed the course. 

And that’s when you’ve got a good idea of the kind of running you want to do - on road or off road, weekly runs or training for a 10K. All of that will inform the kind of kit you want to invest in. 

But for starting, comfort and ease are key. 

And if you’d like more nice and easy tips for starting running, why not download my 10 tips below