Anger, stress and frustration

This is one of those days (9th November 2016) when it is easy to be carried along on a wave of anger and frustration with the results of the US election. Social media feeds are full of shock, anger and doom and gloom.

While it's easy to wallow in it and get embroiled in conversations about how terrible the world is, it's really important to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and think about what we CAN do because nothing we can do now can affect the outcome of the election (or the referendum). Being informed is really important, but taking it personally and letting it add to the stress of everyday life is not.

From the beginning of the day today and from the moment I knew the result I was very conscious of giving thanks for everything I have in my life. The sun was shining and the sky was beautiful. There was even a pink flower blooming in the garden that I hadn't noticed before. I have a job I love and clients I respect and admire. I have a lovely and loving family and fantastic friends. I have roof over my head and food in my fridge. I have an education and I have travelled far and wide. The world is big and varied and we should be grateful. Make a mental note of all you have to be grateful for before you drift off to sleep tonight, you may wake up happier. 

I had the good fortune to be outside in the sunshine doing what I love today. The sunshine, company and exercise helped. Lovely compliments from a client this evening helps too. It's ok to be happy and enjoy what you do. I also walked down a street in Bristol today where I saw various people obviously on hard times. I tried to really make myself see them, not blink and forget they exist. We all have a different experience of life that colours all of our choices.

I see it as my job to help you feel better about yourself. I recognise that feeling better physically is more than just losing weight and increasing your fitness levels. Stress, anxiety and feeling like there is too much to do can completely undo your efforts to make healthy choices. I want to support you in putting yourself first. So that you can make an even better impact on your own world.

So, how about we all give thanks for all that we have. And recognise that together we can promote tolerance, inclusion, respect and equality and the values that we want our children and our politicians to live with.

Look after yourself. Respect yourself and others. Give thanks. And keep moving.

Be strong in these turbulent times.