Be more fox than hedgehog

Don't hibernate this winter

The nights are definitely drawing in, the mornings are misty and cold and the trees are putting on their annual display of colour.

If you were a hedgehog, this is when you'd be storing up your calories and preparing for winter hibernation. And although I know the sofa is tempting, try and think a little like a fox. He doesn't hibernate but he needs to take his opportunities when they come.

I'm a big believer in the value of spending time outdoors. Whatever the weather and whatever the season. I think it helps us to feel better in mind and body.

So, be a crafty fox and take advantage of lunch breaks, weekends and any available moment to get outdoors. Especially on a sunny day. You'll feel better, warmer and more energised and it will help manage the stress that often comes in the run up to Christmas. Why not sign yourself up for a class or a group to run with even when it's dark and wet! Make a plan at the beginning of the's easier to stick to! The sofa will be there for you when you get back.

My Feel Good Fitness outdoor classes will still be running on Monday and Wednesday mornings and my running group on Monday evenings will continue by adapting to the lit roads and integrating intervals and other fun into the sessions to keep it interesting. My lovely one to one clients get to stay outdoors too!