It's never too late to start

Really! There is no bad time to start making healthy changes to your life. Whether you're 24, 42 or 84 it's worth getting more activity into your day and getting great nutrition into your body. It's not just for feeling good today, it's an investment in a healthy old age, in your longevity and in your mental health as much as your physical health.

I always feel inspired watching the London Marathon. But there were some truly inspirational older people running. A woman running it on her 82nd birthday, an 85 year old running it for the 30th time. I really enjoy running but I am not sure I've got 26.2 miles in my legs….but if these 80 somethings can do it, perhaps I should start aiming that high too.

We're all living longer, and working longer too. The more I learn about the ageing process the less I like the look of it….but I'm also learning how much we can make our mid to later life so much better through good diet and enough exercise. Cardio exercise to strength our hearts and keep blood pressure down, resistance training to maintain muscle mass and bone density and support our joints and of course a balanced diet with the right kinds of fats and protein and plenty of veg to keep our weight in check and support our brains and body in the right way.

I really enjoy taking a group of over 60s out for a walk fortnightly and it really interesting to see how fitness is not determined by age but by attitude. Some are so active with Pilates, Yoga, Fitsteps, walking groups, book clubs, WI, cycling adventures, walking holidays etc, I can hardly keep up! 

So, whatever your age and whatever you've thought about your weight or exercise in the past, it CAN change for the better and making the right choices can make a massive difference to how you feel both now and in the future. The small steps to increasing physical activity and improving your diet will be worth it in the long run!