Stay active when your routine changes

I'm on holiday this week. We're down in Devon and despite the forecast of rain and cloud we've been lucky with dry days and exciting adventures on the beach, bikes and pool. I've also enjoyed some early morning runs and bike rides! 

The children have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and our normal weekly routine is completely out. This can often be a reason why we fall out of good habits and then find it hard to get back into them. But, equally, you might find it hard to stick to your usual routine if your partner is away or work is so busy you don't get home in time and are stressed and shattered. So, I have a few strategies I thought I'd share with you.

1. Planning is key. Look at your diary for the week – how much time can you fit in for yourself? Even if it's only 10 minutes, try and put it in there and tell yourself that is when you will exercise. 10 minutes of sprints, of skipping, or running up and down stairs can make your heart pump and burn some calories. 

2. Be prepared – have your kit with you and prepare the night before. I always bring my running shoes away with me and try and get out for at least one run on holiday. While the children are on school holidays the mornings are more relaxed so I can get out for a run or a swim early in the morning before anyone has even noticed.

3. Be flexible. If you can't get to your usual class or get out for a run or swim then try a DVD or find a workout you like on YouTube. Or, if you're super stressed then a good stretch can be good for both mind and body. We never do enough stretching!

4. Walk more – if you're outside with the kids you can add in some running too, but making sure that you walk around to the park or a playdate can make a difference to your daily activity.

5. Use small pockets of time – for example, you could do 100 squats over the course of a day if you did 25 before breakfast, 25 before you shower, 25 before lunch or while you wait for your dinner to cook and 25 before you sit down to relax in the evening. You don't even need to change your clothes. I've been known to do press ups and lunges outside while the kids are playing – they're used to my madness!

Of course it's important to relax too. If life is super busy then it's important to make sure you are taking time for yourself. If you're super stressed then adding stressful cardio or feeling anxious about missing a workout isn't going to be helpful. Going to bed early can be really valuable, as can sticking to healthy eating.

And if all of the above don't work, then don't fret. Just make sure you get back to your usual routine as soon as you can. We all know that exercise is good for mind, body and soul!

For busy mums who struggle to fit exercise into their weekly routine, I'm starting a new outdoor fitness class on Monday 18th April in Flax Bourton. It will start at 2.15pm and last about 45 minutes, giving you time to wipe the sweat from your brow get to school pick up in time! All fitness levels welcome. £7 for one session or £50 for an 8 class loyalty card.  

Let me know if you're coming!