Celebrating Feel Good Fitness

Last week I was celebrating one year of my Feel Good Fitness outdoor classes. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the women I work with as well as reflect on whether I’m still true to my initial vision for these outdoor fitness sessions.

The idea was to create a class in which women felt comfortable, were encouraged to think positively about their bodies and would walk away feeling good about themselves from the inside out. There is no negative body talk, we are not doing battle with ourselves in these sessions - it is about celebrating where we are and improving in ways that are positive. I also try and create an opportunity to discuss the topics that we don’t often get a chance to - whether it’s the pelvic floor, hormones, food cravings or the like. Oh, and lycra is NOT compulsory. 

Every class session is different and structured to get the most out of the 45 minute session. I plan the class with the members in mind, and they are accessible to a variety of fitness levels.

Frances has been coming since September last year and says she feels fitter, stronger and happier since doing these sessions.  “Everyone should do these sessions, it should be compulsory!!”

The classes are held outside in Peel Park in Long Ashton at 9:30am on Wednesdays and Fridays. They are timed to fit in around the school run and not take too much time out of your day whether it’s a ‘day off’ or fits around your existing work schedule.

I’ve even had clients come from across Bristol to attend the classes. And even the least outdoorsy person is converted. Becky, a stylist, is usually more comfortable in kitten heels and carefully chosen accessories. “It just goes to show how good Lesley is that she can take someone like me into a session and make it enjoyable. Who would have thought that exercising could feel so good - even when it's pouring with rain!”. As a guard against the rain, Becky has been known to wear a sequinned cap...perfect.

We celebrated with homemade, sugar-free cookies, party games with a fitness focus and a short interval session to get the muscles working again.

For more details see www.wildcountrywoman.com/classes. I'd love to see you there. 

Feel GOOD after every fitness session

Feel GOOD after every fitness session