Create a vision for a happy summer this half term

I like to think of the May half term as a good reminder that the summer holidays are on their way, and now is a good time to think about our expectations for the summer.

Time with the children, or with less traffic on the roads in the morning is to be welcomed. Holidays at home or abroad, a change in schedules and less ferrying around is something to be grateful for.

But, here’s the thing. It’s important not to forget yourself. Because schedules change, it can mean that those pockets of self care, whether it’s a fitness class or a regular coffee date with a friend. Whether it’s time to have a peaceful cup of tea before work begins or the autopilot of a busy schedule allowing time to let the mind wander.

So, here’s a little challenge for your half term.

Do something for yourself everyday. Read a book, savour a cup of tea, go for an evening stroll or a run, call a friend, arrange a play date with the kids whose parents you really like spending time with. Drink more water, or go to bed early. All good simple things.

And start the process of envisioning what your summer will look like. Where will you be in September? What can you be doing between now and then to get you there? It really is the small steps, the subtle shifts that can get you to that vision. Work out what makes you happy, or peaceful, or feeling positive and see what more of that you can bring into life.

I’m going to be exploring this in detail in my retreat in June, along with the usual relaxation, mindful movement, nature-based inspiration and lovely treatments. I’m also going to be doing some campfire dreaming at the Freelance Mum business retreat in July.

And, when my online Wildly Well Woman course launches (very soon)...there will be some lovely practices to help you with just that too!