Back to school, back to you

I don't know about you but the school holidays are a mixture of blissful enjoyment of sunny days and time off from the usual routine and a whole heap of childcare juggling, routine re-routing, trying to squish work into the early and late hours of the day and the house untidying itself before your very eyes.

It's been a lovely 6 weeks, and I really wanted to make the most of time with the children before my youngest starts school next week (prepare for a slightly emotional Lesley in Monday's classes ladies!).

But now I AM READY to get back to it, to get back on top of my meal planning, exercise routine and work. I am very lucky that I have been able to make the choice to make a career out of something I really much so that I can't wait to get back to it!

I'm planning out next term's classes, workshops and training, looking forward to meeting new clients and starting a new suite of classes and workshops out in Ham Green too.

But I do also need to make some new commitments to myself. The usual ones about eating well, drinking enough water and making sure I train myself as well as others! But there are things that are even more important I think. See if they resonate with you.

1. Daily meditation. This doesn't have to take long. Even if I just spend a few minutes breathing deeply and staying conscious of my breath it makes a huge difference to my day. I am more connected to myself and more likely to make better, more focussed decisions and interactions with people all day.

2. Switch off an hour before bed. Turn off phones, screens, tv an hour before bedtime. This gives me a better quality of sleep as my brain isn't confused by the blue light of the various screens but also gives me valuable downtime before I turn in. I speak to so many women affected by insomnia and too much screen time can have an effect. I have a pile of books and journals by my bed, so switching off doesn't mean I'm not doing anything.

3. Early to bed. I think every book I've read about health, nutrition and fitness as well as business in the last few months has emphasised the value of a good night's sleep. I got up close and personal with sleep deprivation when my youngest stopped sleeping through the night for 2 and a half years. It's not pretty! But now that he does usually sleep, I need to make sure I get the hours of sleep that keep me firing on all cylinders. I reckon I need 7 hours to function optimally, but perhaps I should aim for 8 and if I wake up early then there's more time for me. 

4. Treat myself. Remember to do something nice for myself everyday. Buy fresh flowers, savour a cup of tea, have a candlelit bath, take a walk, read a book in bed, have a massage or a facial.

Can you try and fit these 4 things into your life? See what a difference they can make. It's not just fitness and healthy eating that leads to a healthier you, it's a wide variety of nurturing care.

P.S. I can also recommend a lovely outdoor fitness class on a twice weekly basis in Flax Bourton or Long Ashton – come and give Feel Good Fitness a try.