There is no magic pill

Sorry. But a simple pill to magically get you fit, slim and healthy doesn't exist. If it did...amazing. And yet, I think we would lose something in the process.

Because I think there is a tremendous, life-changing and life-enhancing value in working out what works for you. Working out what kind of exercise you like and need, understanding out how food makes you feel and how it can enhance your energy, performance and general enjoyment.

It's not an easy journey, and often a health coach, nutritionist or personal trainer can support you on that journey. But the key thing is that it works FOR YOU.

I've read and studied a fair bit on nutrition, but I know that my knowledge is the tip of an enormous iceberg that keeps on growing as more is learnt and discovered about gut-brain connections, the values of different nutrients and the role of gut bacteria, digestion and our immune system. I don't think that there is anyone who has all of the answers. The consensus mainly comes down to eating lots of lovely fresh veg, a little fruit, high quality protein sources, wholegrains, avoiding highly processed foods, and keeping your blood sugar well balanced throughout the day. But this can be interpreted in so many different ways and varies according to any specific health concerns, food intolerances and lifestyle choices. I often ask clients to fill in a food diary, but to focus on why they chose to eat a specific food and how it made them feel. Understanding what you eat, why you eat it and how it makes you feel is the beginning of making changes for the better. Knowledge is power.

I'd say the same about exercise too. We all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to the environment (outside anyone?), the type of exercise and who we do it with. We may prefer working out alone, with a friend, in a class or as a team. We all need different things from exercise – strength training, flexibility training, core strength and some metabolism, endorphin inducing cardio from sport, running, dancing, name it. Fitting it into busy lives is hard too – 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference, but 30-60 minutes 5+ times a week is more valuable. Starting with what you like to do, and what makes you feel good and fits into your life is the best way to begin. Self-knowledge and awareness of the options are key to making it work.

Getting enough exercise and movement into our lives, along with excellent food choices are key to living well today and into many tomorrows.

But the magic pill,  tea or supplement? Not there yet.

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