Eat whatever you you want

How about if I said you could eat whatever you want and not gain weight, maybe even drop a few kilos? Would I have you battering at my door for the solution? 'Sign me up', you'd say, 'I'll do whatever it takes'.

But hold your horses for a second.

What do you actually want to eat? How much do you actually tune in to your body, taste buds, energy levels and activity for the day before deciding what you will put on your plate, in your bowl or in your mouth.

We need knowledge to help us understand what we want. Self knowledge as well as general knowledge about nutrition. I think both empower us to make excellent choices about food.

Try it for a day. Before you have breakfast, take a breath and think about the day ahead and tune in to how you feel. Ask yourself, what do I want for breakfast? What will taste good? Make you feel good? Energise you for the day ahead?

Today I had my home-made granola with a spoon of chocolate coconut yogurt and some blueberries. It was delicious. I enjoyed every mouthful and I feel great now. Yesterday it was oaty banana pancakes (also fab as a snack). I know I've got the energy to get myself through a busy morning and I've got my picnic lunch (spicy chickpea salad) already packed!

Do the same for lunch and your evening meal. I've got lots of tips I can share, but I'd like you to spend some time just thinking about what you want and go with your gut for a while.