Bone health for the long term

I'm no doctor. I'm a personal trainer. I've done a few courses and read a few books, but am not qualified to give medical advice. But, I work with women in their late 30s, 40s and beyond and I am convinced that we need to make sure we consider many aspects of our health now so that we can age beautifully and stay active. I want to be able to play football with my grandchildren,  run across the fields and hike up mountains in my 70s and beyond.

So, here are some things I know I will be investing in to preserve my bone health for years to come:

1. Regular weight-bearing exercise (especially resistance exercises as the muscular pull on the bone helps to build bone density)

2. Plenty of leafy greens

3. Daily dose of sunshine, plus vitamin D supplementation in the winter

4. An all round healthy diet and digestion (low on sugar, alcohol and processed foods, high in veg and lean protein).

We reach maximum bone density when we're about 30, but after that we start to lose bone mass. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise can really help mitigate that.

There are studies out there that look at the benefits of soy in the run up to menopause, as well as dairy and K2 supplements...but the quality (as with everything) is important. It's always worth finding out more.

I encourage you, whatever your age, to start considering the ageing process and how you can make sure you sail through it. It's inevitable that we will age, but getting diet and exercise right can be an important part of enjoying rather than dreading the journey!