Halfway through the school holidays

The usual schedules have flown out of the window, mealtimes and bedtimes can become long, strung out affairs. Staying on top of house cleaning and laundry seems even more challenging. The treats and events you've arranged for your dear little ones are forgotten as soon as they're over. The bickering has escalated and you're staying up later than ever to try and get everything done/grab a little me time? And the mornings are feeling increasing fractious. And if anyone else asks for a snack you might just explode!

You may have planned it all down to the minute, or gone for a more 'go with a flow' approach to the six weeks. You may have had your summer holiday away or be hanging on for dear life and hoping for some sunshine.

Either way, I wonder if you're remembering to look after yourself too.

Yes, you. I promise it really helps. You, your children and your partner will thank you for taking time out to rest, relax, and have a bit of me-time. 

My planning for the holidays allowed plenty of time for days to drift by too so that the kids could do a bit of their own exploration and decide on their own adventures. I have amazing child care help from my mother in law so that I can continue to mix the work I love with time with the children. All going well. Kind of.

And then I went school shoe shopping.

On a day when we also ran a few other errands and met friends for a playdate at the nearby National Trust property.

On a day that started with a lovely early 5 mile run.

And there was no time for rest. For any of us.

And none of us like shopping.

Cue a more than fractious gang of 3.

Solution – super simple tea time (homemade pizza and and lots of raw chopped veg). Delegate bedtime/bathtime to my other half as SOON as he walks through the door.

Lie down. Breathe. Early to bed so that I can get up early and grab a quiet moment to myself. 

And remember next time that sitting down and resting is ok. That we didn't need to do ALL of the errands.

So, don't forget you can make a plan to put you back at the top of the list too.