Stay on track over the summer

There's a certain loss of routine that goes on over the summer, whether you have children at school or not. Whether it's your colleagues disappearing off on holiday, your usual classes and meetings on hold for six weeks,  your own holiday plans or the challenge of the kids being off school...somehow we end up drifting away from 'normal'. Some of this is just what we need, a slowing down to our busy busy lives. But sometimes it can feel frustrating, especially if it takes us away from our health and fitness goals. 

As you may know, I've got a couple of ways to combat this - with the early morning Feel Good Bootcamp on Thursdays and the Family Fitness sessions on Wednesday mornings. You can find out more and book here

I find for the summer it can be helpful to make some adjustments and set some boundaries, see what you think of the suggestions below: 

1. Stick to only drinking alcohol two evenings per week maximum
2. Get moving every day - whether it's a walk, a run, squats in the kitchen or dancing about with the children (or without the children....if the tunes are good). 
3. Related to the above...get OUTSIDE every day. Even in the rain (especially in the rain - it soothes frazzled nerves from cooped up adults and children). 
4. Carve out some time everyday for ME - whether it's to get to bed early and read a book, or meet up with a friend, or a meditative moment. 
5. Sign up for an autumn running event/triathlon/adventure so that you continue to make exercise a priority. 

And then start looking ahead to September. The start of a new term is a great time to try something new - and the Autumn is a great time for outdoor activity, of course. Stand up Paddleboarding anyone? 

Have a GREAT summer all.