Just be yourself

18th December. It's just one week until Christmas. It's exciting, wonderful and also a season where emotions run high. I've been posting daily tips on my Facebook page this month that have ended up leaning heavily towards the stress management and self care advice. This one really seemed to hit home. Here is is again, just in case you missed it. 

You're great. Just the way you are. 

Give yourself the gift of telling yourself how amazing you are this Christmas. See yourself through your partner's, parents' or children's eyes. 

We often have a little negative inner critic that takes up residence - the one that tells you 'should' have sent all your Christmas cards by now, 'should' be more organised for Christmas, 'should' have finished work by now, 'should' be a better mother, daughter, friend, partner, 'should' weigh less/eat less/drink less/exercise more etc etc. 

I'm going to give mine the day off today and just be me. 

How about you?

Happy Sunday. 

1 week to go.