New Year Review

What was the absolutely best day of 2016?

How did you feel? How can you re-create that feeling? 

How do you want to feel in 2017? Not just on one day, but on the majority of days. Does that involve having more energy? Being more present with the family? Feeling less stressed? Feeling more confident? 

Setting a goal by how you want to feel can be far more rewarding than the idea of losing a few pounds. Health and fitness should be about feeling great from the inside out, not fitting some stereotype of how we should look. And I personally think we all feel want you to feel good in the great outdoors. A New Year's diet or detox isn't necessarily going to change how you feel on the inside. It's much easier to make small, incremental changes for long term health and when you feel good about making them, it's so much easier to stick to. 

So when you think about your New Year resolutions, think about how you want to feel and what you might need to achieve that. If you think I can help then drop me a line. I can work with you one to one on setting those goals and finding realistic ways to achieve them too, plus I have a  great network of other wellbeing professionals who can support you too.