Summer holiday planning

Only 2 and a bit more weeks left of the school term, with some schools already finished. And while the weather is still unpredictable it is definitely summer now. We lose the normal weekly routine but have more time to have fun with or without children involved!  The usual classes and timetables for our own physical fitness (as well as the kids) aren't on and there are holidays and adventures to be had which mean that we don't eat at home or have quite the same mealtimes. I'm in planning mode for the summer at the moment so thought I'd share some ideas with you. 

1. Make up batches of salads and portable healthy snacks at the beginning of the week (I use rice, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa or couscous as a base and add lots of veggies, herbs and tasty dressings) - then you can enhance a picnic or bbq really easily as they're ready to go. Chopped up carrots and peppers, baby tomatoes and pickles keep the nutrients getting into the small ones too. I'll share some ideas and recipes online as we go through the summer.

2. Exercise early in the morning - just 15 minutes outside in the garden doing some jumping jacks, squats and lunges, press ups and tricep dips gets the heart rate up and also means you've had a moment to yourself! (I'm going to run a class one morning a week in the summer too if you're local to Long Ashton)

3. Turn the adventures with the kids into active adventures for you too. My two are still at the stage where rock climbing, tree climbing and exploring narrow paths in parks and woodland gets them excited….so make sure you've got comfortable climbing shoes on those days out (I've had my share of falls and stubbed toes in flip flops) and you can join in too.

4.I don't usually drink alcohol at all during the week, but this rule goes out of the window a bit in the summer (Pimms anyone?). So, this summer I'm going to make sure I still have 10 alcohol free days a fortnight ...then the ratio stays about the same. 

5. Drink water – yes, I know I go on about this a lot, but when it's warmer it's even more important, and I definitely find on days out with the kids that I forget to drink enough water and then wonder why I'm so tired and deflated by tea-time! Have at least two big glasses in the morning and carry a bottle of water for yourself as well as the kids when you're out and about. There's an interesting blog here about hydration from Fitness Jockey. 

6. Don't worry too much about losing the routine. Relax and enjoy the holiday and beach time. Your kids (if they're under 10) still think you're amazing just the way you are and don't see the tummy or the thighs or the arms (or whatever your vulnerable bits are), they just see you. So try that too...see yourself and love what you see!

Last summer my daughter and I made a great big poster with all of our summer activities and holidays on it. We also wrote a list of what she really wanted to do. I'm going to do the same this summer with both kids but also think about how I make time for myself too. I'll share images on my Facebook so make sure you're following me here. I used the summer strategy kit from Project Me as inspiration.