What does it mean to be well?

What does it mean to feel well. 

To be well. 

To be healthy. 

There may be as many answers as there are beings on the planet.

And it may mean different things to you at different times. 

I think we all have a right to feel well. But sometimes we shortchange ourselves. 

The World Health Organisation defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

But sometimes we can just make do, because we are not sick. We get by on too little sleep, a fairly large dose of stress and a hefty lump of inactivity and eating on the fly to get by in a hectic whirl of work, family and social events.

I think health and well being can bring so much into our lives. 

It goes beyond ‘fitness’ and exercise, and towards a more movement based life. 

It goes beyond nutrition and a balanced diet and towards nourishment and pleasure in food and the act of eating and drinking. 

It goes beyond meditation or a yoga class and towards radical rest and mindful living. 

It goes beyond having a steady income and being able to pay the bills and towards purposeful, values led living and a life full of stimulation. 

It’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. Taking positive steps in one area can lead to more positive steps in another. 

More movement = step away from your desk or the sofa and head out for a walk.

Better nourishment = make cooking fun, use music, experiment with new ingredients or just make sure you eat slowly and relish every bite.

Radical rest = saying no when you usually say yes through gritted teeth or just stopping to smell the flowers and notice the good stuff instead of the bad.

Purposeful living = what would your older, wiser self advise you to do? Allow yourself to daydream your perfect job, your perfect day and see how that makes you feel. 

It’s not complicated, or even too time consuming. Sometimes we just need a small shift in perspective.

I am looking forward to exploring some of these themes and more in my day retreat on 10th March 2019.

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